we all need encouragement and reminders of God’s love for us

Encouragement is vital to building a strong faith and fostering a sense of hope and positivity in life. It is a reminder that despite the struggles and hardships that we may face, we are never alone and that God is always there to guide and support us. Through words of encouragement and uplifting messages, we are reminded of the love and grace that God has for us, and that there is always hope in Him. It helps us to persevere and overcome the challenges we face, and to grow stronger in our faith as a result.

So in 2020, I decided to create faith inspired art.

I wanted to create something that would connect people to their spiritual side and bring a sense of comfort and inspiration to their daily lives.

My art reflects my deep faith and love for Jesus. Each piece is carefully crafted with a message of hope, love, and encouragement.

Through my art, I want to remind people that they are never alone, and there is always hope in Jesus. I’m so glad that you found my little shop, and I hope you’ll enjoy each creation as much as I do!


the finer details

I'm married to my best friend! My husband Ben and I met at church while being involved in the college ministry. We got married in 2019 and he's been my biggest fan and encourager. He steps in and helps me with whatever the business needs and I’m so blessed by him. We like to travel, enjoy spending time in nature, and hanging out with our church family.